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Premium Quality Latex Balloons

Latex Balloons At Wholesale Prices

Professional Quality Factory Sealed Packages

Our professional quality latex balloons offer everything you want in decorator quality balloons. Their perfectly round shapes will make sculptures easier to design and assemble. Their festive hues will be the talk of every event! We have a vibrant, versatile selection of colors available that will make you ready to enhance any occasion and or decorating theme you might encounter

All our latex balloons are friendly to the environment, they are made from 100% all natural latex with no artificial fillers or bi-products and are biodegradable, they are also proudly manufactured in the USA. These are the long neck professional grade latex balloons, choose either branded or our discounted unbranded line; both offer exceptional professional results and at a great price.

American Made
Americam Made

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We carry both Qualatex branded and our own special line of unbranded latex balloons.

The unbranded are shipped to you in handy transparent easy to read and identify generic packaging with our personal guarantee that they will exceed all expectations in both price and quality. Our latex balloons whether they are Qualatex or our special line of unbranded are guaranteed to not only float longer but will keep their color longer than any other latex balloon sold anywhere.

Don't risk your reputation with cheap imports

Only Buy American Made Latex Balloons

Professional decorator quality and a size for just about every purpose

Latex balloon sizes Stars-All-Around Balloons

260Q entertainer balloons

Choose the size best for you in either our branded or our own special line of unbranded

They are all factory sealed and most important, factory fresh

Satifaction is Guaranteed

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11"/28cm As low as $7.99 while they last per bag of 100

Professional long neck helium quality latex balloons in factory fresh sealed packages of 100, These balloons are the preferred choice of party decorators worldwide. Why pay more for a package with a famous name on it when you can get even more balloons for far less money?

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Professional Quality Factory Sealed Packages of 100 ct 11"/28cm

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12"/30cm As low as $10.49 per bag of 100
In case lots of 30 or more packages of 100

100 count - 12"/30cm ULTRA Decorator Quality Balloons

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100 count - 11"/28cm Professional Quality factory sealed packages
Qualatex branded latex balloon as low as $9.99 per bag of 100
Qualatex balloons are often referred to as "The Very Best" balloons.
Qualatex balloons are known for their quality, color range, and coordination; they inflate larger and float longer.

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Rainbow of Colors Available
All of our latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex with no artificial fillers.

Qualatex latex balloons are known as The Very Best Balloons. They are the world's best-looking, longest-lasting latex balloons that deliver not only value but also variety by having more than 60 colours and 11 sizes. Balloon professionals have come to appreciate the durability and colour consistency while enjoying less breakage and the confidence that comes with using the best. The Qualatex branded line of latex balloons are sold with a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee, Pioneer will replace your defective product with a like product free of charge.

Qualatex Latex Balloons

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Long Lasting Heavy Duty Outdoor and Cloudbuster Balloons

Outdoor and Jumbo Latex Balloons

Qualatex Cloudbusters

These eye catching, long lasting and perfectly round 17 inch latex balloons have been designed specially for the automobile trade and are made to withstand the elements. spacer

These giant Cloudbusters are the finest balloons available for outdoor use at any price. They come in three sizes, 4 foot, 5.5 foot and even 8 foot. They are made from a special formulation of chloroprene rubber and latex.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Latex Balloons

Qualatex Giant Cloudbuster Balloons

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5"/13cm Decorator Latex Balloons

11"/28cm Latex Heart Shapes

Decorator Bell Shape

Decorator Star Shape

Decorator heart shape

Heart Shaped Latex Balloons

Miniature decorator latex balloons in factory sealed packages of 100 for that special design you had in mind to accent designs or for use with designer kits.

Ultra designer and professional quality heart shapes that can be filled with either helium or room air by Qualatex, other sizes also available are 6, 17 and 36 inch

Air-filled Decoator Latex Balloons


Latex Heart Shape Balloons

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All Occasion Latex Prints
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Qualatex Stuffing Balloons
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